You have a parent who is looking for help with shopping and cooking? And who also would like somebody to keep him / her company, maybe go on little excursions with them or just sit and remember the good old times?

We have a number of German mature students (50 +) who would just love to do that in exchange for accomodation, food and 60.00 NZD pocket money per week. They come to New Zealand to get to know a different way of life and improve their language skills.

Whether you need somebody to accompany you to excursions, drive you to places or just keep you company and listen to your stories, a companion in the house who is mature and responsible could do wonders for your living situation.

Our mature companions are mainly from Germany and stay for 3 to 6 months. They are available to you for 20 hours a week and attend school from 9 – 2 pm. They would love to find out more about New Zealand and the Kiwis and the Kiwi way of life!

Send us an email to or ring us on 021-02459931 to find out more about our companion programme!