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Experience all that NZ has to offer via study, work and cultural immersion.

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Why Seven Seas?


  • We offer beautiful and unique locations throughout New Zealand
  • We have affiliations with quality academic institutions (High Schools, Tertiary Providers, English Language Schools) for an exceptional educational experience
  • We have also been international students at some point in our lives – we know what you want!
  • We work hard to give you the adventure of a lifetime

About Us

Seven Seas Cultural Exchange enables you to experience an authentic New Zealand through study and work placements, cultural exchange, English language courses and Demi Au Pair experiences. Be a part of it, and discover yourself in the process.



If there is one thing you should definitely do in your life, it is being an Au Pair in New Zealand… you should experience it yourself; it will be the time of your life!


– Lisa

People think only young girls can live with a family in a new country. Granny Au Pair is a great opportunityI wanted to go to New Zealand, and Seven Seas set up the program for me. I’ve always wanted to study English, now I have the time!


– Milana

My 3 months as a demi-pair have been the best 3 months of my life. And that I could experience all this, thanks to Doris from Seven Seas Cultural Exchange. This trip has broadened my horizons and was the best decision I could have made after leaving school.


– Charlie

The demi-pair experience helped me to develop and enjoy many new friendships with New Zealanders but also several other demi-pairs from other parts of the world. I have met friends for life as it feels and still have very close relationships with many of these, in NZ and in Germany.

I even fell in love with the country (and a man) and came back again to live in NZ – and still enjoy Doris’ support.


– Maksude

What Are You Waiting For?

There are so many amazing adventures and opportunities waiting for you, the people, lifestyle, education and countryside of New Zealand are ready to greet you with a hearty Haere Mai (welcome).

Get the ball rolling and contact us for information today!!!